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Top Messages

  1. PhYz: like the thread and u can download :)
  2. Smokemeowt: that'll show you
  3. dieguiin234: "A Bit Smarter - Error You need to click like this post to see attachments." ?
  4. koman123: errror ??????
  5. MmtSgbn: You need to click like this post to see attachments.
  6. pipony: He writes eror !!!!!!!
  7. pipony: HELP ADMINS
  8. PhYz: lol^ people are idiots
  9. MmtSgbn: what is meaning that ?
  10. Erlonicz: XD
  11. Danand: says i need to reply to thread to download public build
  12. Danand: i cant reply anywhere though?
  13. justinvhof: I cant reply to the thread to download it.
  14. PhYz: My bad...
  15. PhYz: just pruned the shoutbox.
  16. Erlonicz: Is anybody selling a smurf account?
  17. Erlonicz: @PhYz is the private cheat internal now?
  18. Erlonicz: I haven't been here for awhile
  19. PhYz: its fixed, sorry