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Top Messages

  1. DZHAMSHUT: пиривет
  2. Cristilol005: anyone?
  3. FcSbRaduku: hey
  4. Rolder: hola
  5. Rolder: wtf
  6. Miniotour: hello
  7. Cristilol005: sjoerd that is what i was asking
  8. Cristilol005: I have a question, is the public version of abitsmarter detectable in competitive?
  9. FiliposAlexos: I play 2 MM and i didnt got VAC
  10. Cristilol005: I mean can I play with it in competitive
  11. Cristilol005: without vac?
  12. lilgoku: wassup
  13. lilgoku: who trynna smoke some loud?
  14. sjoerd: hi staff, can u use public cheats and not get banned?